Learning Database Activity with William

From basic to advanced.

Presets and guides can be downloaded from https://archive.moodle.net/ as well.


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About William Lu:


    In this session, I will show you how to create a dependent menu with Moodle ‘Database activity’. Sometimes, when you collect information with a ‘Database form’ in Moodle, the 'Add entry' page shows many fields. If this includes some non-compulsory fields, then you can use a dependent menu to reveal relevant fields only. In Moodle2.9, a ‘Database field’ can be made compulsory. However, if you are still using Moodle2.8 or a lower version, a dependent menu can make some fields 'act' as compulsory fields.

    Please view the PowerPoint file first. It has detailed explanation about how to use those tips and examples. Please be aware that: You must edit the links inside the preset to make it works on YOUR Moodle.
    I will show you how to create a calculate-able database activity which will work like a spreadsheet. I will create a ‘Time Tracking’ database from scratch, then add JavaScript and CSS to its templates. Even if you’ve never created a Database activity before, by the end of this session, you will be a pro དགའ་འཛུམ་